Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Between unpacking...

While in the middle of unpacking I had to do a few projects. Here they are..
I had to make Valentines for my daughters preschool class so I threw together these little goodie bags. I used Robyn's stamp line for all but the to & from. They were quick and easy and my daughter loved them. She is a huge fan of pink and green so I think that helped.

I work with the young woman in our church and we made pages to highlight one of the special programs that we did. We had a lot of fun and the girls were so creative!

Monday, February 22, 2010

My New Space- The Beginning

Wow life is still crazy. I had thought that the minute I had internet again I would have all of these pictures up. Anyway here are some pictures of my new room.
This is a view of my room empty (well at least the biggest angle that I could get)!

My daughter was being helpful in this one but here is one of my piles of stuff to be unpacked.

I have these great built in shelves that I just started to put things on. This is sooo not how they are staying but helpful to have some things out until I can get things set up how I want them.

My daughter was helping get things unpacked while my son was napping. It made things a little more stressful because of my great little "helping" hands but she had fun. While we were unpacking it started to snow. You can't really tell in this picture but it made our day. We were in this cluttered space and all of the sudden it was more relaxing to be able to unpack while watching the snow fall.

I am making progress on my room and hopefully I will have it all done soon. I made a big dent in getting the house unpacked this weekend and so things are looking up.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I am back

I finally got my internet back! It has been a battle getting it going again. It is amazing how much I thought I didn't use the internet but it seem like every time I turned around I was needing to get on and do something. LOL! I am slowly getting unpacked and I hope that I can get some pictures up of my new space in the works. I am still working on getting my room ready but I have a few things out. I "had" to make things for my son's bithday and for Valentine. What is more important? Unpacking or Crafting?? I am trying to balance both.