Thursday, March 25, 2010

Adventures of Robyn and Karlee

If you haven't seen it yet Robyn and I brought along her flip video yesterday when we went out and did some scrapbook shopping!!! So check out to see our fun! We had a blast shopping and hanging out. We have been working on videos today as much as we could. My son got sick last night so we had an added challenge today of trying to tape with him here wanting me, but we did get some done and will have some more videos up later. Remember that tomorrow night, Friday we are going to be doing a My Pink Stamper Live show and we hope to see you all there.


Melissa said...

Watched it earlier today! You guys are hilarious together!

Robyn said...

You are awesome bestie!!

lutee said...

Saw your live show this evening. It was fantastic and funny at the same time! Thanks for taking the time out to do this live feed. You had over 1000 people on tonight!

Hope your son is feeling better real soon. I'll say a little prayer for him tonight.

Take care, and have a safe trip home.

chriswooten57 said...

Hi karlee just found your blog after watching you and robin on ustream tonight. You girls are so cute.

I am lots older but hey a crafter is still a friend no matter the age. I just made a new blog myself, lol. First time for this old lady.

I do not have many follower yet, nor not much on it either, but hope to post some projects soon.

check me out and have pity on me, lol I only have 15 followers.


Sanwanya said...

you girls crack me up!!I want to meet you both so bad!!The live show was awesome!!

Anonymous said...


I've tried to post a comment on "The Pink Stamper" to be in for the drawings but don't believe it made it's way. ? Any suggestions on where to leave the comment? It doesn't appear to be set up like your "comment" area. Thank you.